Border Chemical Import-Export News

Used Lithium-Ion Batteries -- Information for Businesses2023-01-25

Lithium-ion batteries with different chemical compositions can appear nearly identical yet have different properties. In addition, some discarded Li-ion batteries are more likely to have hazardous properties if they contain a significant charge, yet such batteries can appear to the user to be completely discharged. For these reasons, it can be difficult for a generator to identify which of its waste Li-ion batteries are defined as hazardous waste when disposed. Therefore, where there is uncertainty, EPA recommends that businesses consider managing Li-ion batteries under the federal “universal waste” regulations. [ full text ]

New Resource: Import and Export of Plastic Recyclables and Waste2022-11-21

In May 2019, 187 countries decided to significantly restrict international trade in plastic scrap (recyclables) and waste to help address the improper disposal of plastic waste and reduce its leakage into the environment. [ full text ]