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Michigan Hazardous Waste Act -- Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451 Part 111.  This comprehensive law covers various aspects of hazardous waste management including definitions, the state hazardous waste management plan, permitting process, fees, and procedural aspects of implementation.  Certain aspects of the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Subtitle C are adopted by reference.

Hazardous Waste Administrative Rules  The administrative rules promulgated pursuant to Part 111, Hazardous Waste Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, were amended effective December 16, 2004. The rules package contains many amendments based on both federally required and state initiated revisions.  

Various parts of these regulations are counterparts to federal RCRA rules, including identification and listing of hazardous waste, regulations for generators of hazardous waste, regulations for transporters of hazardous waste, and regulations for treatment, storage and disposal facilities.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Waste and Hazardous Materials Division, prepared a comprehensive rules report which explains the 2004 amendments to the rules. See: Report 2003-007EQ.


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