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Importing Hazardous Waste
from Mexico to US


The regulatory system for shipping and tracking Maquiladora hazardous waste from Mexico to the US is illustrated and described below.

Export Aviso de Returno Application

  1. The maquiladora notifies INE of its intention to ship hazardous waste to the U.S. by submitting an aviso de returno application (Manifiesto para la Importacion o Exportacion de Materiales o Residuos Peligrosos).
  2. INE issues an aviso de returno approving this shipment.
  3. The maquiladora notifies INE with the actual date and quantity shipped.

TSD Notification

  1. A maquiladora contracts with or makes an arrangement with a U.S. treatment/storage/disposal (TSD) facility to receive its hazardous waste.
  2. The TSD facility notifies EPA and/or its state agency of its intent to receive waste from a foreign source four weeks in advance of the expected shipment. The state agency submits these TSD notifications to EPA monthly.
  3. EPA sends its updated TSD notification database to INE on a monthly basis.

U.S. Hazardous Waste Manifest

  1. The U.S. importer (referred to on the manifest as the U.S. generator) prepares a prefiling copy of the manifest, which identifies the maquiladora's name and address. The manifest is prefiled with U.S. Customs.
  2. The waste is transported from the maquiladora to the border.
  3. The waste is checked through U.S. Customs, who sends the prefiled manifests to EPA on a monthly basis.
  4. An EPA/DOT authorized transporter signs the manifest, takes responsibility for the waste at the border, and ships either directly to the TSD facility or holds the waste temporarily for a subsequent transporter. In the latter case, the second transporter signs the manifest also and takes the waste to the TSD facility.
  5. The TSD facility receives the waste, signs the manifest, and returns the original copy to the U.S. importer.
  6. Many state agencies require the U.S. importer and TSD facility to submit copies of completed manifests. The state agency submits these completed manifests to EPA on a monthly basis.
  7. EPA sends its updated manifest database to INE on a monthly basis.



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